About Braless Studio

Braless Studio was conceived of as a platform to open up opportunities for strong women to give back to community while applying their personal skills, untapped passion, and strengths to do something they feel proud about and that gives them financial and emotional independence.

I am an Experience Designer and founded Aloki Design Studio with my husband in 2000. Aloki started off as a part-time free-lance gig for both of us but over the time has become a stable outfit with about 8-10-member team. All of these team members work out of their home but collaborate on client projects seamlessly. Over the time, we realized that we had quite a few team members who were stay home moms who wanted to pick up something to work on while juggling between the family schedules. Aloki offered them an opportunity to step in and choose to pick projects based on what they wanted to do instead of what they had experience in. For example Varsha was a software developer but knew she was really good with project management skills. She has now been with Aloki for 4 years and a permanent team member though she works only couple of hours in the morning. Varsha is extremely passionate and sincere about her contribution to Aloki. Contribution of Varsha and few others like her motivated me to focus on scaling Aloki to make more opportunities available for this alternate workforce. For others not ready to work but just share their aspirations and challenges, we initiated Braless Studio.

I hope to see the community grow with people sharing motivating stories about work-life balance, aspirations to realize their dreams and tips on staying true to self while giving back to the community.

– Dolly Parikh

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