Kicking off with passion

Feet Up

Image credit goes to Julia Bohemian

Thanks to Jennifer Barbour’s SkillShare class on “How to Write Blog Posts That Build a Community“, here I am writing my first post on Braless Studio.

Why Bra-less? 

We should be able to define the freedom and flexibility we want while we give and nurture our family and community around us. Without restrain. It also is inclusive to have supportive men participate and collaborate with us.

We are a Facebook group that currently has 39 members and we hope to continue to grow. (Be sure to send me your Facebook ID if you want to be invited to the group.)

One of the key efforts of the initiative is to explore and try out various alternative career/work opportunities for stay home mothers or individuals who need the flexible schedules to support their current life-style. Along the way we hope to get on a journey of self-discovery through sharing and opening our minds to new possibilities.

I hope to use the blog to provide weekly updates on what is happening in my life as one of the members on the Braless Group and hope to hear more personal stories and comments from our readers too.