Wearable Tech is here

I am a huge fan of Apple products but when I saw the title of the post by Dominic Rushe in the Guardian – Will Apple’s plans for an iWatch herald a new era of wearable tech?, I beg to differ here that it is neither Apple or Google who lead the way in wearable technology. Nike has been one of the companies that saw the potential of integrating music technology and then fitness technology in its product innovation. I think Apple and Google’s market share, makes them best poised to bring it to mainstream market beyond the music and fitness focused demographic.

In my opinion Experience Design would come to a full realization with wearable technology where the lines will be blurred between human interaction and interfaces. Wearing my Fitbit surely makes take a few extra steps and watch my calories and I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to have separate devices next to my bed to wake me up, listen to music, make a phone call, get a reminder to take my medications and track my wellness. I crave consolidation and order so that I can look away from my phone, tablet, computer and just be. It is time to de-clutter life and experience it in a meaningful way.